MEDIA: Razorpoint in the news


CNN: Online Security
Razorpoint Security president Gary Morse discusses useful security tips when shopping or banking on the Internet.

ABC/COURT-TV: Safety Challenge
Watch real world attacks happen live. Razorpoint demonstrates how unsuspecting victims can fall prey to online scams.

CNBC: Closing Bell
CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo interviews Razorpoint president Gary Morse on the TJX hacking and the state of network security in corporate America.

COURT-TV: Buyer Beware
Razorpoint Security demonstrates how easily online users can be fooled into providing sensitive information to would be cybercriminals.

MSNBC: Interview with Ron Isana
MSNBC’s Ron Insana interviews Razorpoint Security president Gary Morse on security and the common myths and mistakes that companies (large and small) can be misguided by when thinking about security.

Erik Sherman takes a walk around New York City with Razorpoint Security president and founder Gary Morse to discover the weaknesses of wireless networking.

NBC NEW YORK: Transit Check System Is Hacked
The New York MTA’s Transit Check system has a security vulnerability shortly after going live.

CW11: Massive TJX Hacking
CW11’s Lolita Lopez discusses the TJX security breach and what consumers can do minimize the effects of identity theft.

CBS NEW YORK: Interview with Brett Larson
Razorpoint Security president Gary Morse sits down with CBS New York’s Brett Larson to discuss (and demonstrate) the realities of wireless networking.

FORBES MAGAZINE: Locking Out Wireless Hackers
Forbes’ Arik Hessedahl discusses wireless security with Razorpoint Security president Gary Morse, and why complacency is still the biggest security vulnerability of all.

Hackers aren’t only hacking for fame or profit anymore. They’re now also taking on the role of hacking activist — or, "Hacktivist."

CRAIN’S NY BUSINESS: On The Job With Gary Morse
Crain’s NY Business Magazine goes "on the job with" Razorpoint Security President and Founder Gary Morse. See which security myths still plague the corporate world, and why these myths are usually the downfall of a company’s security.

CSO MAGAZINE: Pillars Of Your Community
CSO (Chief Security Officer) Magazine illustrates how people are truly the weakest link in the security chain. Find out how to prevent security compromises caused by careless employees.

WIRED NEWS: Wi-Fi Too Risky?
Wired News’ Elisa Batista speaks with Razorpoint president, Gary Morse, on the security issues and realities of wireless networks. Morse illustrates how easily wireless networks can be compromised.